The World’s First Turntable Pizza Box

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Hello, my name is Gareth and I’m a geek.

I was supposed to be writing a post deriding Pizza Hut’s latest promotion, which plonks itself comfortably on the now lengthy coattails of the vinyl phoenix, but the geek that I am has been completely swept away by the awesome potential and out-n-out FUN to be had, playing with Novalia’s creations.

Their work currently revolves around marketing campaigns that turn paper-thin, inanimate objects in to interactive paper play areas! Having previously worked with the likes of Beck’s, Dunkin’ Donuts & Audi, their latest project sees them working with Pizza Hut to create the world’s first playable turntable pizza box!

This party in a pizza box is powered by battery and syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth with software such as Seranto & Traktor, offering features such as pitch and volume control, cue, sync and crossfade, all at the tip of your greasy pizza fingers. But, for those of you who are keen to play with one of these interactive boxes, you better have Pizza Hut on speed dial as you’re going to need to order a lot of pizza to find one of these rarities, as there are only FIVE of these boxes in the world!

pizza hut2

Now, the pizza box is fun……but some of their earlier creations such as the McDonald’s McTrax (great job marketing team, you made me sick in my mouth) and the interactive record sleeve for DJ Qbert’s, Extraterrestria are straight up cool. Both of these projects feature the same technology found across Novalia’s range, but the functionality found here seems more adept than the turntable project, offering traditionally digital interfaces (like those found on MPC’s and midi keyboards), with appropriate digital feedback. Unlike the turntable project where – from what we see in the video – a ‘scratch’ sound effect is cued when the platter is touched, in an attempt to reproduce analogue sound; which arguably breaks the fully immersive, interactive experience that they are looking to create.

But the technology is fun and anything that gets people using their imaginations and creating music can only be a good thing. Who knows where these projects might take Novalia in the future as the applications for this technology are vast – and I for one am looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!



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