Vinyl Is Quite Popular Apparently! Why It Has Stood The Test Of Time

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There is no doubt that the resurgence of vinyl continues and long may it do so I say. But what is it about vinyl that makes it a must for so many across the age groups and musical genres? Let’s face it a good number of you youngsters out there weren’t around when vinyl was at its peak – but hey welcome!! It’s brilliant to have you on board.

I guess everyone will have their own reasons as to what makes vinyl so special. One area so often discussed is the sound quality of the analogue recording, and as I am writing this I am listening to the third album by The Damnation Of Adam Blessing. It’s terrific – crisp and crystal clear – and it’s even an American original pressing! Many jazz and classical enthusiasts are in no doubt at all that vinyl’s analogue recording is superior to the modern digital sound.

King Crimson's Court Of The Crimson KIng

Then there are the aesthetics of course. The cover design and artwork is a crucial part of the LP which loses so much of its impact when reduced to cd. Consider the fold out covers of the Beggar’s Opera ‘Pathfinder’ album or The Strawbs ‘Grave New World’ for example. Magnificent pieces of art that can hardly be properly appreciated at cd size. And who can resist the wonderful gatefold sleeve! Think of King Crimson’s ‘Court Of The Crimson KIng’ for example. (nb and The Damnation Of Adam Blessing).

Even the artwork on the record’s label is interesting with careful thought into producing the likes of the Vertigo swirl, the Charisma ‘Mad Hatter’, the Chiswick ‘stylus’ design, all those independent punk singles labels and original company logos.

The tactile element also plays a part – slipping that glorious black disc onto the spindle and settling down with the LP cover in hand (with lettering the size that an old codger like me can read), admiring the artwork and/or photographs and lyric sheets. Fantastic!

All this adds up to a complete pleasurable and intimate musical experience that the old fashioned cd and trendy download cannot match. Ok I will concede that the latter two have the edge in the car! (along with the cassette!)

So what is it that makes vinyl so special to you OR maybe you really do prefer other formats. DISCUSS.

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