Vintage Vinyl Weekend ’21

in Blog by Gareth Peebles

Despite the world recently grinding to a halt, records have continued to spin as music fans found solace in some of their favourite albums on wax, resulting in an 11.5% increase in sales across the industry last year (Music Week), fuelled in-part by the growing success of Record Store Day.

In response to the industry behemoth that RSD has grown to become, The Sound Machine – Reading’s oldest record shop – decided to take things into their own hands in 2019 by collecting and curating some of the best, premium grade vintage records they could find, offering them up to shop regulars and Reading locals on one special day.

This time they’ve taken things a step further, turning Vintage Vinyl Day into Vintage Vinyl WEEKEND. Giving crate diggers and vinyl enthusiasts the chance to discover hidden gems and classic albums to add to their collection across two full days this September Sat 18th – Sun 19th.

Store Manager, Steve says, “We specialise in quality second hand records – which a lot of collectors believe sound better than newer pressings. This market is something that gets completely overlooked when Record Store Day rolls around. So we created Vintage Vinyl Weekend to cater for collectors, old and young, who want a real slice of authentic music history to add to their collection. This weekend promises a huge selection of premium stock at fair prices.”

Changes in modern recording processes and the digitisation of a lot of techniques means that when these early records were cut, they achieved a more authentic and accurate representation of the music itself, whereas newer records can sometimes struggle to recreate the breadth and clarity of sound due to this digitisation.

But, like they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” (or ear in this case), so you’ll have to get down to The Sound Machine on; SAT 18 – SUN 19 SEPT, 2021 and pick yourself up some Vintage Vinyl to find out.


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