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Great Record Labels: Harvest

in Blog, Vinyl by Mike Warth

In the second half of 1969 with the boom in progressive rock and all things 'underground', the major record labels were keen to ...

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Scratched Wax – The Magic of the Run Off Groove

in Blog, Off Beat, Power Pop, Scratched Wax, Vinyl by Gareth Peebles

Our story starts at the outer edges of a dusty 70’s vinyl record and finishes in the middle. The needle makes its way from ...

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Record Enthusiasts: Stylish Vinyl Storage

in Blog by Gareth Peebles

Following on from our previous 'Christmas Gift Ideas' post, The Sound Machine elves have continued trawling the internet to help you find that ...

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Offbeat: Life, Death and Vinyl

in Blog, Vinyl by Gareth Peebles

The Offbeat series will cover the strangest and most bizarre records ever pressed, exploring the world of weird on vinyl. So if you ...

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Czar – Czar (Fontana 6309 009) 1970

in Blog, Heavy Prog, Prog Rock, Psychedelia, UK Prog by Mike Warth

The Sound Machine is proud to present the arrival of yet another absolute gem of an original copy - the only album by ...

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Leaf Hound – Growers Of Mushroom (Decca SKL-R 5094) 1971

in Blog, Hard Rock by Mike Warth

As a superb original copy comes storming into The Sound Machine - we ask - just who were Leaf Hound? Their story begins in ...

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