Star Wars, Holograms and Vinyl: The Holy Trinity

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Episode VII: The Force Awakens OST Hologram LP

We all knew that once Disney got their hands on George Lucas’ sci-fi behemoth, Star Wars – an inevitable slurry of merchandise would soon follow in the wake of this most corporate of buy outs. And so, aligning all of the stars in our pop-culture galaxy, it was only a matter of time before Disney started leveraging the rise in popularity of our beloved vinyl to milk a few more bucks out of this interstellar IP.

Corporate misgivings aside, this is a vinyl…..WITH HOLOGRAMS(!!!) two of the coolest things known to mankind and hard not to get excited about. Combine these most hallowed of technologies with the iconic designs of the Millennium Falcon (disk 1) and TIE Fighter (disk 2) and you’ve got yourself a geeky recipe for greatness!

“This is an all analogue process, just like the music on the record. The grooves are carved into the record and recording sound, I’m actually carving grooves of a different kind that record light,” says Tristen Duke of Infinity Light Science, the man responsible for creating the holograms. But short of telling you that you need a light source (Disney recommends a mobile phone) to make the holograms pop – that’s about as much as I understand of the process.

As with all previous iterations of the Star Wars theme and soundtrack, John Williams dutifully took up writing duties for The Force Awakens. However, despite being filmed throughout the UK this, surprisingly, is the first Star Wars soundtrack that has not been performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Released by Universal/Disney Music, the soundtrack is already available on double, double-sided picture disc and features the mugs of Kylo Ren, Han Solo, Rey, and Finn. Also issued by U/DM, the hologram version of the soundtrack will be available, June 17th and has been pressed in 180 gram vinyl, using Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) so that you can really feel The Force when listening (…dammit, almost made it to the end without a single crappy reference).

Novelty vinyl is always fun and with advances in technology and new pressing techniques it seems that there is no end to what can be done with the format. Do you have any weird and wonderful albums in your collection at home?? If so, pop them up on Instagram and tag @thesoundmachine or share them below!

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