Pink Floyd’s Mortal Remains – A Retrospect

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After reissuing their back catalogue on vinyl earlier this year (which you can read more on, here), Pink Floyd continue to relive their finest moments with a retrospective exhibit at the V&A that will feature over 350 artefacts chronicling the bands career, titled ‘The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains’

“Experience an unprecedented, innovative and multi-sensory journey through Pink Floyd’s extraordinary worlds, chronicling the music, design and staging of the band, from their debut in the 1960s through to the present day.”

Highlights of the exhibit – as detailed by the V&A – include album art, tour posters, stage props, art installations, the Azimuth co-ordinator that they used to project quadrophic sound at their now legendary gigs, as well as hand written lyrics, architectural drawings and a complimentary array of titbits and curiosities from throughout their career.

So it seems – even if you aren’t the most die hard Floyd fan – there is something for everyone here; which can be seen as a direct result of the band’s ability to effortlessly straddle the vast cultural cornerstones of music, performance, art and design (and, seemingly, any of these disciplines in combination: music design, performance art, art design….you get the idea).

Martin Roth, Director at the V&A had this to say: “Pink Floyd is an impressive and enduring British design story of creative success. Alongside creating extraordinary music, they have for over five decades been pioneers in uniting sound and vision, from their earliest 1960s performances with experimental light shows, through their spectacular stadium rock shows, to their consistently iconic album covers”.

The V&A exhibit runs from 13/05/17 – 01/10/17 and tickets start at £20.




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