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The Offbeat series covers the strangest and most bizarre records ever pressed, exploring the world of weird on vinyl. So if you can think of a record that fits this criteria, get in touch and we’ll write some words about it!

We started the Offbeat series by taking a look at And Vinyly, who will press your cremated ashes in to vinyl and because it’s the month of all hallows eve it seems only fitting to continue our macabre journey in to the world of vinyl by looking at the use of blood in vinyl *cue best horror laugh*!

Real blood

Yep. That’s right. Real blood, IN vinyl. There are only two examples of this that I’ve managed to find information on, but if anyone else is aware of any gruesome bloody vinyl, I’d love to hear about it!

Flaming Lips – Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends (2012)

  • Limited to 10

In 2012 as part of Record Store day, the Flaming Lips released their 13th studio album, The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends. The album featured guest appearances from the likes of Erika Badu, Chris Martin, Yoko Ono, Nick Cave and retailed for $2,500 a pop!

As if an album featuring the aforementioned artists doesn’t sound weird enough already, frontman Wayne Coyne decided to make it that much weirder by pressing ten limited edition versions of this album for “interested, rich Flaming Lips people”, that featured some of the contributing artists actual blood.

flaming lips bloody montage

Over the last few years the liquid injection vinyl technique has seen an increase in popularity thanks to its striking visual appeal and novelty value. But the inclusion of real blood as a part of this process is something that has never been attempted before….and for obvious reasons too.

Thankfully, proceeds from the record were given to The Oklahoma Humane Society and The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. Lets just hope that other artists don’t get too imaginative with the fluids that they decide to immortalise in vinyl.

Perfect Pussy – Say Yes to Love (2014)

  • Limited to 300

Perfect Pussy – coincidentally – formed the same year that the Flaming Lips released their bloody vinyl. Two years later in 2014, the lo-fi noise punks released their first and only full length LP to date, Say Yes to Love.

Released on Captured Tracks, the “Special Blood Edition Boxset” – of which there were only 300 copies issued – includes two cassettes of the album (studio and live versions) as well as an array of other merchandise, not forgetting the blood splattered clear plastic vinyl version of the album.

Unlike the Flaming Lips interpretation of bloody vinyl, in which the blood was captured in it’s ‘orrible viscous form and left to sludge about inside a cavity in the vinyl. Lead Singer of Perfect Pussy, Meredith Graves opted for an alternative technique, drawing her own blood and then splashing drops of claret at will across the clear perspex platters the album was being cut to.

perfect pussy montage

The combination of clear plastic vinyl and hot pink flourishes that characterise this release, create an almost Chuppa-Chup candy aesthetic that looks AWESOME.

NOTE TO SELF: never ever, EVER again try searching for images of this band followed by the word bloody. EVER.

Fake Blood

Friday the 13th OST – Henry Manfredini (2014)

  • Limited to 100

In 2014 Waxworks Records released the first ever vinyl version of the complete Friday the 13th OST and they did so in suitably blood stained style. Pressing three variations of the record including:

  • Camp Blood – “woodland green and brown haze with blood splatter”
  • Crystal Lake – “deep murky green”
  • Crystal Lake Blood Filled – does what it says on the tin

Waxwork Records are “a record label specialising in the release of film scores and soundtracks on vinyl with new artwork, remastered audio and deluxe packaging”. So if you’re a diehard music fan, as well as a bit of a horror movie geek, get yourself over to Waxwork Records and have a look at the awesome artwork and collectables on offer.

Take a look at this video to see an unboxing of the record (skip to around 0:55)


Aliens OST – James Horner (2016)

  • Limited to 75

As everyone will obviously remember, in April of this year we all celebrated world “Alien Day”, oh and what a day it was!

“What the hell are you talking about?” I hear you say.

After my initial enthusiasm for the potential offered by a day such as, ALIEN DAY (I’m thinking tinfoil hats and a human daisy chain around the planet to welcome our alien overlords); I was disappointed to learn that this was in fact a creation of the Fox conglomerate to celebrate the various ways in which we can pour money in to the Alien film franchise.

The first Alien Day was held back in 2009 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Alien  film (1979) and this year’s Alien Day marked the 30th anniversary of James Cameron’s follow up, Aliens (1986) – both of which are sci-fi/horror benchmarks that have continued to influence contemporary video games, television and film to this day.

aliens vinyl montage

So in honour of this most hallowed of days, the guys at Mondo decided to reissue the ‘Aliens’ OST by James Horner and pump the clear plastic, double LP full of luminous “xenomorph blood”.

There were only 75 copies of this record made and they have retailed for up to $650!

aliens blood gif


The Offbeat series covers the strangest and most bizarre records ever pressed, exploring the world of weird on vinyl. So if you can think of a record that fits this criteria, get in touch and we’ll write some words about it!

Until next time, keep it syncopated.

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