Led Zeppelin lawsuit goes down like a lead Zeppelin

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After two years of legal proceedings, it took jurors only half an hour to decide the outcome of the Zeppelin vs Spirit case after listening to both compositions one last time.

The case was filed in 2014 and claimed that Spirit’s instrumental track, ‘Taurus’ had been plagiarised by Zeppelin (a la Stairway to Heaven) and as a result, representatives of the band were seeking damages in excess of $40 million, and as if this wasn’t enough the composer of Taurus also wanted to be credited for Stairway to Heaven!

In the run up to this case, sleuthing audiophiles have racked up over seven million views of the Spirit track on YouTube, which if you haven’t had the time to investigate yourself yet, you can have a listen to here:


Usually a link to Stairway to Heaven would be included here for comparative purposes, but if you aren’t familiar with this song already then you shouldn’t be here in the first place. Nuff said.

It’s easy to recognise an initial flutter of similarity between the two tracks, as the purportedly plagiarised riff begins. But this blossoming familiarity soon dwindles, before eventually nose diving and sounding nothing like the behemoth whirlwind that the Led Zeppelin track winds its self up in to.

Spirit have been lambasted on comments boards and across industry publications for attempting to sue over their simple use of a step down progression. With their inspiration for this legal battle arguably being inspired by the high profile of the ‘Blurred Lines’ lawsuit which was filed in 2013.

Protection of an artists intellectual property is so very important in this day and age, but we really hope that we are not about to enter a period where legalities and court cases take up more headlines than the music itself!

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