Journey – Look Into The Future (CBS 69203) [1976]

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I guess huge number of people know Journey from Steve Perry-era and their worldwide hit ‘ Don’t Stop Believin’ ’. But how many people know Journey started off as a heavy progressive rock band? Probably not a lot, myself included, until I found a copy of this album. I have never seen this album before. At the same time I also grabbed their self titled debut. I was very surprised to find out what those albums had to offer, and most of all, Look Into The Future is a cracking heavy rocker with a Procol Harum flavour. Perhaps not a lot of meaty riffs, but it definitely rocks. It is totally different sound and musicianship compared to their 80s material. The most notable track of the album, ‘ I’m Gonna Leave You ’ (not to be confused with Led Zeppelin’s ‘ Babe I’m Gonna Leave You ‘) and its main riff was an obvious inspiration on Kansas’ track ‘ Carry On Wayward Son ‘. The album contains a cover of Beatles’ ‘ It’s All Too Much ‘ and toned down ‘ Anyway ‘.

In my opinion, ‘ She Makes Me (Feel Alright) ’ is an outstanding track, very riffy and pretty heavy. Make sure you check it out on YouTube, but preferably make sure you keep this album in mind when looking through records in the shop. They can be found in The Sound Machine from time to time and the prices are not high, maximum 10 quid for a neat copy. Journey is one of those American bands that gained a huge success in the 80s, but had completely different sound in the 70s. In some cases, really interesting and worth listening. Especially if you are not a fan of their 80s era, you will dig it!

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