GIFs on Vinyl

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It’s official, we’re lazy!

We are the kings and queens of convenience and we like our oranges pre-peeled:

Peeled, pre packaged oranges on shelf

We like our avacados in halves:

Pre halved avacados on shelf


And we like our sandwiches in cans:

A sandwhich in a can


Because who’s got time for any of that bullshit, right? Who honestly has the time to peel an orange, or make a sandwhich anymore?! The world has been in a perpetual state meltingness and dissarray for a long time now, so we need DISTRACTIONS and we need them, FAST. Ideally in a prepackaged form that requires the minimum ammount of cognitive digestion possible.

That’s why I present to you today a varitable smorgasboard of prepackaged vinyl related digital treats, otherwise known as GIFs. I find GIFs infinitely fascinating…well, not infinitely fascinating but infantesimally fascinating. But luckily for me, I take pleasure in the small things in life.

The infinite loops on offer from GIFs typically take a single fleeting expression, glance or action and completely recontextualise it depending on how and where it is used. A comedian – whose name escapes me – said that in comedy, if you say something three times, it becomes funny. If this is the case then GIFs are the 21st century’s answer to this proposition and in a typically 21st century manner we have juiced it up with performance enhancing drugs and nurtured it on energy drinks and the internet, so that the ‘joke’ or expression is repeated a jillion times.

If you like any of the following GIFs, you can copy the link by clicking the appropriate icon that will appear if you hover over the GIF in question.

Colourful vinyl!

Clay Vinyl!

Twisty Vinyl!

Bowie Vinyl!

Smashy Vinyl!

Montage Vinyl!

And because it wouldn’t be the internet without it, Kitty Vinyl!

Happy Saturday guys, now go and enjoy your Candwich.

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