DJ Shadow is Selling Off Choice Cuts From His Personal Collection!

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In only a few days time, DJ Shadow is selling off entire portions of his personal collection. For fans and those familiar with his work, this is a BIG deal and I’m getting excited for (jealous of) those in L.A. lucky enough to have access to this opportunity!

In collaboration with Madlib – the ladies and gents over at Rappcats like to host sporadic pop-up shops that provide fans, collectors and dealers with the chance to get their hands on some pieces of rare and exotic vinyl. DJ Shadow’s appearance will be no different – offering up duplicates from his personal collection, including:

-Hundreds of used vinyl LPs, 45s, and 12″s culled from Shadow’s private collection;
-Deleted DJ Shadow web-store product, including limited items and rarities;
-A brand-new, exclusive vinyl single “Sideshow” available ONLY at this sale;
-A collector’s smorgasbord of 8-Tracks, cassettes, posters, and other oddities

Just take a second to imagine owning one of your favourite records, easy enough, but then imagine that the record that you clutch in your imaginary hands has previously been owned, played and cherished by one of your favourite artists. It’s like some kind of beautiful meta-music-fan-boy/girls geek out wet dream. Seriously… I want that. 

“This is a chance for producers, dealers, and DJ’s to access seldom-seen and eclectic vinyl at affordable prices. These are all records I have other copies of, and I’ve decided that I don’t need to keep multiples. Think of it as a year-long thrift-store hunt consolidated into two days….

Shadow’s 2015 tour saw him mixing alongside DJ supreme, Cut Chemist across 6 decks, during their ‘Renegades of Rhythm’ tour. In which, every single record that they played was an LP, EP, single or bootleg taken from Afrika Bambaataa’s personal collection (and which I have just found in its entirety, here Renegades of Rhythm). So this pop-up event seems quite in keeping with the theme of the RoR tour and the idea of opening up a personal collection to a wider audience in the interest of music appreciation.

 To put it another way…

For those of you who like to compliment your vinyl with a splash of streaming via Spotify (other streaming services are available), having access to this collection is like having access to Shadow’s own ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist, but in physical form!

 Anyway. Enough gushing.

 Fanboy out.


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