Christmas Gift Ideas for Record Enthusiasts: Slipmats

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This Christmas we’re here to help you find that ‘perfect gift’ for the vinyl lover in your life.

Record collecting and it’s associated accoutrements can really burn a hole in your pocket at the best of times. But this is of particular concern at this time of year when we’re all attempting to play Buckaroo with our bank balance and credit cards. Holding our breath in the hope that we can make it in to the new year, debt free and with our liver and kidneys still securely attached to our bodies and not going for cheap on the black market.

So in a bid to help those pennies go a little further and to ensure that you retain those vital organs, we’re going to start by taking a look at a few gift ideas that won’t break the bank. In this instance, the humble slipmat.

Porchlight Coffee & Records

This selection of illustrated felt slipmats comes courtesy of Porchlight Coffee & Records, one of Seattle’s specialty coffee shops which – according to their website – offer up two of my favorite things, good music and good coffee. I love the elegant designs and stark compositions found on these slipmats – making for some magical, fairytale-esque landscapes and perfect for that transformative record spinning session.

Great for anyone with an interest in comics, illustration and music!

Visit their shop


Pick Your Poisons

A one man band offering up the finest in laser etched paraphernalia, if what you’re after is a hip flask or cork slipmat! I have a particular fondness for the designs here as they speak (loudly) to the geek in me, with designs including: a replica of the record sent in to space on board the Voyager spacecraft, an old American TV test card, tarot cards, the All Seeing Eye & a star chart.

Perfect for science nerds and fans of vintage curiosities.

Visit their shop

Slipmat designs by Pick Your Poison

Terror Threads

As the name might suggest, Terror Threads offer a selection of horror inspired artworks available in a number of different formats: t-shirts, hoodies, badges and fortunately, slipmats. At a quick glance it seems as though most of the designs available can be purchased in any given format.

The husband and wife team at Terror Threads have got some really talented illustrators and designers working with them and they have managed to truly capture the aesthetic tropes that define the horror and – arguably – metal genre too.

Great for fans of horror movies and metal heads too!

Visit their shop

Slipmat designs by Terror Threads

TAZ Studio

Tzach is a designer based in Israel who specialises in hypnotic, geometric pattern design, while also throwing in a few choice homages to David Bowie and Pick Floyd. All of his slipmats are individually hand crafted and not mass produced.

Ideal for those with an interest in graphic design and geometric patterns.

Visit their shop

Slipmat designs by Taz Studios

Customiseable Slipmats

There are also a number of companies offering customisable slipmats that can be adorned with a logo or name of your choice. Either pick from a premade template and fill in the blanks, or supply your own complete artwork. This option opens up a whole range of possibilities with your imagination being the only limiting factor here!

My Slipmats – visit their shop

Wax Mats – visit their shop

custom slipmats

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