Christmas Gift Ideas for Record Enthusiasts: Stylish Vinyl Storage

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Following on from our previous ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’ post, The Sound Machine elves have continued trawling the internet to help you find that perfect gift for the vinyl lover in your life.

This time we’re taking a look at five examples of stylish vinyl storage from across the web. So whether you’re seeking a stocking filler or looking to lay down some hard cash – we got you.

Lumi Wood – Record holder – £14.58

Starting with the cheapest item on the list, but also one of my favourites. The idea is simple but effective. A short length of finished Ash with a small slit cut out, in to which you can place a copy of your favourite album or favoruite album art once fastened to a wall.

Personally I feel as though just one of these on a wall would look a little naff…..but if you imagine a wall covered with several of these – maybe linking the chosen album art thematically or chronicling a certain artists career via their record sleeves, you’ve got yourself a veritable temporary art gallery of which you are the curator! Awesome.

Visit the Lumi Wood shop for more inspired storage ideas.


Plantabox – Personalised Record Storage Crate – £34.95

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the work of Plantabox, let me briefly summarise what they’re all about. In not so many words, they’ll write your name on wooden stuff.

Now that you’re up to speed, you’ll see below that by simply writing the word “records” on this box, it’s now perfect for storing them in. Funnily enough it is the same box that they also class as a Christmas crate, a kids crate, a wedding crate, a party crate, a barbecue crate and …..a pet bed. You get the picture, they change the word on the outside and the box undergoes a magical transformation, subject to requirement.

But waffling aside, they look good, have wheels and hold records. A perfect customised gift for kids and adults alike.

Visit the Platabox shop

customised record storage box


Standing Wave Woodwork – Solid Oak Record Stand – £50.00

This is great product for those ‘desert island discs’ that are always on repeat, no matter what time of year it is. All music enthusiasts should have an armory of choice cuts close to hand and this solid oak record stand from Standing Wave Woodwork delivers just that.

The stand is simple in design, but perfect in function. It also offers up the chance to perfect the age old and sacred tradition of the browsing technique. Employed by record enthusiasts around the world, some choose to take a two handed approach – delicately nursing a mounting pile of records in one hand and browsing with a single digit of the other. While others prefer the pace of the single handed, double-digit technique, using their finger tips to take a casual stroll over the catalogue of vinyl beneath. Either way, practicing your browsing technique at home will put you in good form for when you finally make it back in to The Sound Machine to peruse the selection for real!

Visit the Standing Wave Woodwork shop, here

Record stand

Concrete Stuff, Glasgow – Solid Concrete Storage Cube – £200.00

This thing is awesome.

Probably not a good idea to store rare or priceless pieces in this concrete storage cube, as I’d imagine that the coarse texture might damage the sleeves if they’re not in a plastic protector.

But I guess when we’re talking about buying a solid concrete cube to store records in, who cares about function?!

See more of what Concrete Stuff, Glasgow have on offer.

concrete record box

Old Man & Magpie – Handmade Reclaimed Wood Storage Cube Unit – £290.00

This sturdy number from Old Man & Magpie is a realy beauty! What makes it particularly appealing is that the unit can be custom built to suit requirements after providing a desired spec.

The unit pictured measures 80cm wide x 80cm high x 40cm deep, is made with 100% resalvaged timber and finished with two coats of eco friendly wax oil.

“Due to the age and history of the timber, you will find splits, dents and knots which I try to emphasise with the finish. This adds a level of individuality & character to the piece, meaning no two items will ever be the same.”

So even though it is the most expensive item on this short list, you know that no record collector in the world will have the same as you, which – in an age of mass production – should be really cherished.

See more of Oldman & Magpie here

hand made record shelf

About the Author

Gareth Peebles – I have always been in love with popular culture – but, being a child of the 80’s and part of “the MTV generation”, I suppose it’s fitting that the one constant in my pop culture obsession has been music. Music, music, music. All day, everyday, in every and any way that I can get it.

My first full time job was at a now defunct major label store – which I loved. Then I taught Media Theory & Production for a few years – which I also loved. Now I get to listen to music all day and create stuff using computers, which I love too!


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