Tudor Lodge (Vertigo 6360 043) 1971

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Surely there’s not another highly collectable album available at The Sound Machine!? Well, actually yes there is! It’s the gorgeous 1971 Vertigo ‘swirl’ album by Tudor Lodge and again it’s in fabulous condition. But who just who were Tudor Lodge?

Interestingly Tudor Lodge were formed in Reading in 1968  by John Stannard and Roger Strevens who were more than familiar with the local folk scene at this time. Initially performing as a duo they could often be seen at The White Horse, however in 1969 Roger moved on to be replaced by Lyndon Green who had recently returned to England after sampling the delights of the happy hippy trail to Turkey.

Within a year the new duo were joined by American singer and flautist Ann Steuart and as a trio they toured the English folk scene for a couple of more years before releasing their delightful self -titled album in 1971. In the same year they could be seen performing at the ever popular Cambridge Folk Festival as well as the legendary Weeley Festival near Clacton in Essex where the crowd reached a staggering 150,000.

The album itself is simply superb with Ann’s stunning vocals and flute playing alongside the acoustic guitars and harmony vocals of Lyndon and John bringing the best from some beautifully crafted songwriting. Add to this accompaniment from seasoned musicians including Danny Thompson on bass, Tony Coe on clarinet and alto flute, Graham Lyons bass and Terry Cox on drums as well as some violins and cello and you have a classic piece of what we now call ‘acid folk’. Check out the brilliant Willow Tree as an example.

In ’72 Ann left the group and was replaced for a while by Linda Peters who became better known through her work with husband Richard Thompson. Tudor Lodge then toured Holland but sadly on their return called it a day and the members went their separate ways.

Various reformations have occurred since this period with the occasional album resulting and John is still performing in the Reading area with his current outfit  John Cee Stannard and Blues Horizon and their CDs are also on sale at The Sound Machine.

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