10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Kinks (cont.)

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6) Percy & The Kinks OST

Percy cover

Did you know that Ray and the boys soundtracked a film called Percy (1971)? Based on a novel by Raymond Hitchcock this work makes an interesting entry in to the band’s already colourful history. As stated, the film was called Percy and – according to the book – was about the world’s first penis transplant.

Ray is quoted as saying, “I’m sure that they looked down the charts and thought, “well, who’s in the charts this week?” I don’t know if these people ever heard my work. I doubt it”.


7) A Soap Opera


While touring the overtly theatrical production of A Soap Opera, the band were feeling increasingly marginalised. The further Ray pursued his own artistic vision while neglecting the band’s, the further these divisions grew and the more likely it was for there to be breakups and bust ups. So like the archetypal jilted lover in a classic TV soap, the band were pissed when they were put in the corner:

“The rest of The Kinks were hardly seen and, even when he was singing, Dave was shown long range from across the studio. They were at least mentioned in the end credits. “I hated the whole experience and it practically broke up the band, the way we were treated on that show,” said John Gosling. “We were like second-class citizens stuck in the corner of the studio. We weren’t even given a chance to get a decent sound balance.”


8) A Stolen Limo

Post gig rituals were divided, after all, would you expect anything less from The Kinks?! Ray would typically slink off to his hotel room, avoiding any obvious debauchery. Brother Dave would do the opposite and actively seek it out, while other members of the band approached life on the road with the typical zeal that you would expect. This anecdote featuring Mick Avory stood out for me:

“One night the girls followed him (MA) out of the hotel in New York, and he rocked up to a silver limo parked outside. As the driver saw them coming he jumped out and opened the door. “thirty-fourth and fifth” called Avory as they all piled in the back of a car.  When they arrived at the restaurant he told the driver to take the rest of the night off. Once they were seated inside, Avory started laughing and explained that he had no idea to whom the car belonged.”


9) Ray got shot!

At the age of 60, while enjoying the sites and sounds of the French Quarter in New Orleans, January 2004. Ray was shot in the leg while giving pursuit to two armed robbers.

 “Davies and his partner were looking for a restaurant when they were approached by two men. One drew a gun and fired a shot into the ground before demanding all of their money. Ray refused, at which point one of the men grabbed the woman and pointed the gun at her. Davies immediately handed over his money and the pair ran off with the woman’s handbag.”

It was at this point that Davies gave chase and was shot in the right thigh.


10) The band’s astonishing ad revenue

In 2006 the band were revealed as the most profitable UK act in American advertising!?

“..gathering a massive £6million over the previous 12 months, with Led Zepplin in second place at £4million. The most popular song used by advertisers was, All Day and All of the Night, employed by SAAB, Kohl’s department stores, General Motors and Tide washing powder.”



Interest in the band continues to simmer in the UK, despite experiencing large success in America during the 70s & 80s – something that seems to be largely over shadowed in the band’s history by their banishment from the country in the 60s.

But for a few Dedicated Followers of Fashion, The Kinks musical canon continues to throw up a few unexpected treats here and there – after all, they recorded TWENTY FOUR studio albums!!


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