10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Kinks

in Blog, Classic Rock, Power Pop by Gareth Peebles

  The Kinks have always fascinated me. As a child, listening to my parent’s mix-tapes on long journeys, the lyrics of Sunny Afternoon took ...

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Record Store Day: Things You Might Have Missed

in Blog, Record Store Day by Gareth Peebles

Record Store Day 2017 is only a few days away now and this year's list features some great releases from a lot of ...

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Scratched Wax – Return to the Run Off Groove

in Blog, Scratched Wax, Vinyl by Gareth Peebles

On our last journey in to the run off groove I focused on the thrill of finding those clandestine messages that live where ...

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Scratched Wax – The Magic of the Run Off Groove

in Blog, Off Beat, Power Pop, Scratched Wax, Vinyl by Gareth Peebles

Our story starts at the outer edges of a dusty 70’s vinyl record and finishes in the middle. The needle makes its way from ...

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Most Valuable Vinyl Record?

in Blog, Vinyl by Mike Warth

Recently I was asked, 'What is the most valuable vinyl record in your collection?' My thoughts at first went to the Record Buyers Price Guide and ...

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Record Enthusiasts: Stylish Vinyl Storage

in Blog by Gareth Peebles

Following on from our previous 'Christmas Gift Ideas' post, The Sound Machine elves have continued trawling the internet to help you find that ...

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Record Enthusiasts: Slipmats

in Blog, Turntables, Vinyl by Gareth Peebles

This Christmas we're here to help you find that 'perfect gift' for the vinyl lover in your life. Record collecting and it's associated accoutrements ...

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So What’s Your Favourite Camel Album?

in Blog, Prog Rock, UK Prog by Mike Warth

Having had some interesting comments and discussions after posing a similar question regarding Caravan, I thought it would be appropriate to ask the ...

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GIFs on Vinyl

in Blog, Turntables, Uncategorised, Vinyl by Gareth Peebles

It's official, we're lazy! We are the kings and queens of convenience and we like our oranges pre-peeled: We like our avacados in halves:   And we ...

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Offbeat: Bloody Vinyl!

in Blog, Soundtrack, Vinyl by Gareth Peebles

The Offbeat series covers the strangest and most bizarre records ever pressed, exploring the world of weird on vinyl. So if you can ...

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